A ten dream night

5/20- After several nights of a dreaming “drought,” I had a night full of dreams. I don’t remember waking up during the night at all with any dreams, but first thing in the morning I began to recall a dream and the dreams just kept flowing- 10 dreams (or parts of dreams) in all!

I’m college, I think I have a class to go to tonight but I’m not sure if I’ve done the reading for it yet

At a rock shop trading in rocks for money. I’m setting aside the rocks I want to keep separate, like a shiny petrified wood and an amethyst.

My brother and his wife have learned that their 3yo daughter swam by herself Through a long cavern with me because they had dropped her off or sent her on her way alone and that is how I got to her. They are not mad at me, but they are thinking of everything that could have happened. They won’t do that again.

My daughter was supposed to be helping out with some kids and she is sent home because of her bad attitude.

I see a former coach I know at a graduation. I think it is a friend’s graduation and I am with her sister. We are in her spot in line and I ask her sister if is she is going to accept her degree for her. I see the coach then, who says he has finally earned his master’s. I am joking around with him about how long it took him but then I mention other coaches just got theirs too.

There is a camp and I think it is a former coach of mine’s team. There are people playing in many courts but I am not helping because I have not been asked to so I am watching. Some girls are leaving and they tell me what terrible attitudes the blue team has. I know this because my daughter complained to me about them. A coach is on the phone talking to someone and it is obvious that a girl on the team has gotten in trouble for drinking and the coach is saying she will have to have a breathalyzer and oh well. No one seems to care much because they think she had this coming. She is clearly a problem.

An Indian woman mentioning she misses her home in Avalon is an article in a Magazine.

Volleyball- looking at a film or video of announcing the players for another school from a long ago game. I wait for hometown team so I can see my daughter but this was before she was a starter so she is not being announced.

Those women are coming outside to play paddle ball in the street. Her parents already left to go home to Pittsburgh.

Twin children


I graduated from college decades ago and still have the unprepared for class dream-sometimes I’ve forgotten where the classroom is too. Lots of dreams-thanks for sharing