A voice from the Bardo

As I emerged from a short but very peaceful lucid dream this morning…I was witnessing the ceaseless unfolding of the infinite moment, as they say, on the shore of a pristine mountain lake…a voice called my name.

“Steve? I can’t remember my name!” Her voice was crystal clear with a mid-west American accent. She sounded older, around my age. I was…in transition…so I did not answer her, but a name came in to my mind…a first and last name. I woke up extremely clear and fully awake…with a third name that I assumed to be her middle name.

I went into my studio and wrote down the three names before journaling the lucid dream along with the two other non-lucids before it. Then I googled her name.

The very first thing that came up was her obituary. That third name was the town where she lived in Missouri. She died on February 29 of this year and her 67th birthday would have been July 4.

Just sharing…


Wow in so many ways. It is like what my parents ( 80’s ) say now " What did we do before Google? " HA.



I would have never known that a connection such as this is possible. I have spent the entire day…pondering this. :slightly_smiling_face:


Awareness . . . . . !

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Wondrous Steve, thx for sharing.


…in the ceaseless unfolding of the infinite moment.



Thanks for sharing.
I’m new to this community and very much interested in Bardo.
Question: Why did you name your dream ‘A voice of the Bardo’?


Hey @Kairomancer …Carla’s voice did not come in the dream. I was already waking from that dream and in the liminal few seconds between the dream state and the waking state…the in between state…Carla reached out to me in that crystal clear plaintive voice.

I can still hear her in my mind. I think of her often and hope that her transition was peaceful.


I have been thinking more about how powerful that space between the dream state and the waking state is.

In my experience the dream seems to be where we learn and practice how to work in the deeper depths of the mind, or as Tenzin Wangyal puts it (slightly paraphrased) in the illuminated interplay of mind, energy, and meaning.

But my experiences in that brief Bardo space when coming out of the dream, including just this last night, have given me glimpses into realms that seem to be beyond the boundaries of my own mind. Perhaps in these clear light moments of transition, when we are briefly free from the limitations of our own conditioning, we gain access to a shared primordial essence…a universal state of shared awareness into which we are still evolving.



Steve, do you take any supplements, tea, medicines before sleeping? Do you always follow a set routine and go to sleep/wake up around the same time?

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Hey Barry…

I take no supplements before sleeping. No tea either. I am on no medications. I do occasionally take galantamine during the night if it feels right for how the night is progressing.

I do have a very set routine, one that I have naturally developed over the years. I have always been a very early riser…I will roll out of bed tomorrow morning at 5:00 AM with no alarm to jolt me awake.

So here I am at 7:45 PM getting ready for my 15 minute pre-bed meditation. That will start as Shamitha/Vipashyana and end with channel-centric breathing. I have just spent 30 minutes or so reading. Tonight I spent a bit of it with Tibetan Yoga and Secret Doctrines" by Evans-Wentz and the rest with “Dreams Of Light”.


You’re one healthy guy!

Hello Steve!
I am listening to the webinar series now and haven’t taken a moment to see your reply.
I understand that your intent was to communicate with Carla who transitioned into her afterlife.
Well: I am excited about transitioning to an extend that I will experience an NDE.
As I expected I will have to gather some experiences first.
Thank you

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I’m old enough to remember life before Google. If you wanted to know something on a topic, you went to the library and searched through card catalogs, and then found the books, checked them out and read them. It took many, many hours to figure out a few things.