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About Dr. Clare Johnson:

Lucid dreaming is not only tremendous fun; it’s an incredibly creative state with vast healing and transformative potential, and for me it’s a life-long passion. In the past 40 years I have had many thousands of lucid dreams. For 25 years I’ve been researching and writing about lucid dreaming and I was the first person in the world to do a PhD on lucid dreaming as a creative tool.

I’m English but speak four other European languages, and for over fifteen years I’ve spoken at conferences and international multi-media platforms on lucidity, sleep disorders, and the role of lucid dreams in healing and dying. I was honoured to be the President of a large and wonderful global dream community, the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD). Recently, a TV show made up of interviews where I discuss different aspects of lucid dreaming was released in 20 languages. I offer lucid dreaming ocean retreats in beautiful Portugal. Over the winter I wrote my newest lucidity guide: The Art of Lucid Dreaming, a super-practical book with a Lucidity Quiz and many Lucidity Programmes so readers can fast track their way to lucidity as unique sleepers and dreamers.

Read more at: https://deepluciddreaming.com/about-clare-johnson-lucid/

Emerald Plan subscribers can listen to Andrew Holecek’s interview with Dr. Clare Johnson here: https://community.nightclub.andrewholecek.com/t/interview-with-dr-clare-johnson/400


Cool, I definitely want to watch those TV episodes when I can make time for it. I wonder what 4 languages she speaks other than English?


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Clare Johnson is doing a course on dream yoga currently; here is an 8-minute intro video: Dream Yoga for OBE, Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming and Manifesting your Heart’s Desire - Demo Clip