Hello from Carol in Kansas City

My name is Carol and I’m glad to connect with other dreamers. I remember my dreams pretty easily, and have had about ten lucid dream experiences in my life. I’m 58 years old. For the last three years, I’ve been practicing meditation/contemplation and recording my dreams.

The journey has been very interesting. I’m looking forward to connecting–listening and learning more from other dreamers–and sharing some of my experience too.

I bow to the efforts of Andrew Holocek, Ken McLeod, Pema Chodron and so many other teachers.


Great to have you here. What happened three years ago to get you started on this path?


In a nutshell, it started with a defeated conversation I had with a friend as a result of the 2016 Trump win. When I asked her, ‘What can we do?’ she said she was at a loss too, and suggested that Pema Chodron had some practical ideas. I asked her who Pema Chodron was–and WOW! I got introduced to the dharma.

One of Pema Chodron’s retreats (I attended virtually) revolved around the topic of bardos–and it was through her teaching that I was introduced to Andrew Holocek’s work as an expert in this area. I became an instant admirer. I’ve applied some techniques from Andrew’s Dream Yoga book and have a lot to learn.


Andrew has a new workbook coming out this week and it’s a “prequel” to his other books. Ordering information is here. I like trying all sorts of techniques and this promises to be “The Kitchen sink.”


Thanks Barry! Good to know. Appreciate your interest and warm welcome. Have a terrific evening.