Hello, from the Finger Lakes

Glad to meet all of you. I’ve been recording dreams for over 50 years. When I was younger, I frequently had long dream adventures, received good advice through dreams, had some precognitive dreams, some spiritual dreams, and some lucid dreams. I did a lot of Jungian dreamwork, and some neo-shamanic active imagination waking dreamwork. I loved it all.

About the same time as menopause occurred, I gave up my way of life and chosen place to live to move back east to care for elderly parents. During this approximately 15 year period, I stopped remembering dreams, slept as deeply as if I had been unplugged. I didn’t know whether to blame it on hormonal change or stress, and the desire to forget everything for a while.

I no longer have parents to care for. During this COVID time of complete isolation, and grieving time finding new purpose in life, my spiritual practice has intensified again. I also want my dreams back! The fun adventures as well as the guidance and connection with that which is vaster than me and the waking world.

Glad to find this community of dreamers. I look forward to getting to know you all better.


Great to have you join the Night Club. Fifty years of recorded dreams, AMAZING! Are you engaged in any lucid dreaming practices or reading any of the many books out there on the subject? Have you listened to any of Andrew’s interviews with prominent lucid dreaming experts? It would be good to know what you are doing now so that people can get to know you better and learn from you as well as share share experiences and techniques.

Hi, Barry.
Yes, I’m currently going through Andrew’s lectures on Lucid Dreaming on the Sounds True website, which is how I found my way here. I read his Dream Yoga a few years ago. I also attended a weekend retreat on Dream Yoga at Kripalu given by Lama Migmar Tseten November 2019.

I have had a connection with Green Tara ever since I participated in a 21 Praises of Tara dance back in the 1990’s. She has appeared to me in dream. I have also seen or had communication with various deceased friends or relatives in states that have seemed more real than waking reality. I’ve also had a meditation practice since the late 1970’s, some decades more dedicated than other.

Listing all that, it really seems as if I should have made more progress towards enlightenment by now, doesn’t it?

I’d really like to have companions on the path, people to compare notes with, get advice from, encouragement from, and offer the same.

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Hard to evaluate anyones progress on the path since I believe it all comes down to how we live now. Though I can look back and see my own zig-zag path that zag-zigged many times as well, but it’s not important. I started Dharma practices in the '60s and had many experiences that could have led to a less circuitous route to where I am today but that’s not a big deal. Like you I’m grateful,

I suspect that you have made more progress than you realize. :slightly_smiling_face:

Perhaps you have just run into a bit of a fog bank. There is always clear light ahead if we just keep moving toward it, right?

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Thank you, I hope so.