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I am 68 and used to be a lucid dreamer when I was younger, from childhood till around my forties. After menopause, I had insomnia and the medication for that rather interfered with my dream life. An avid reader of The Tibetan Book of the Dead in my college years, Yoga practitioner mostly Kundalini. My sister died suddenly in 2.22. About 6 months before that I had an omonous dream that she had died. It was very dark, and I didn’t ever tell her about the dream. I had such regret that I didn’t, but the dream had a weird impact on me, kind of dark and hard to see things. I felt like I was in the Bardo. This has put me in a mind space to recover my dream life. The course Andrew did on Embodied introduced me to him and after listening to him I decided to join the community.


Hi! Welcome to the forums! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::v: Sorry to hear about the passing of your sister. Hopefully we can help you in your journey back into lucid dreaming and dream yoga. The forums and Andrew’s website have a lot to offer in terms of resources and discussions related to these topics. A great starting point would be Andrew’s weekly Q&A sessions, as well as his insightful book studies on Dreams of Light and Dream Yoga.

Regarding your medication and its impact on your dreams, there’s a podcast called “Ask the Sleep Doctor” that might offer some guidance. Personally, I found that Ambien interfered with my dreams, often leading to an experience similar to going under anesthesia. I’d recommend avoiding that if a doctor tries to prescribe it.

Your experience with combining yoga and lucid dreaming is truly intriguing to me. I’d love to hear how the two combine inside the dreamscape and what kind of experiences would display themselves.

Again welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:


well, I did some rather difficult yoga (for me) early in my 40’s, Ashtanga and I used to dream things like my feet had to do really impossible maneuvers like turning completely backward while gliding like a ballerina around the floor. I got a kick out of those dreams because I did feel that some of it was impossible for me to do. Kundalini was much kinder to me and felt more in alignment with my meditation practice. And I love the Ghurmuki mantras. It is easier for me but then maybe easy isn’t always the way to go. I have stopped taking Ambien, I stopped about 18 months ago. I will go to the Sleep Doctor. I am reading Andrew’s book Preparing for Death and I also have Dream Yoga handy.


Amazing! Well done. I am a firm believer this will serve you well when you escape the confines of the body. Sounds like you have plenty of good books to read and explore already. Glad to hear you got away from Ambient :+1:, that stuff is bad news for dreamers.

Let us know if you have any questions and if you’d like to submit a question to Andrew send @AlyssaModerator a private message.


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Welcome to the Club!

Sleep Docs videos give some golden advice for sleeping, highly recommend them.

You had a precognitive dream, that is something you should be very proud of. You could have done a lot of damage to your sister and her life if you had told her, and it had not come true, or come true decades later.

That kind of connection to the universe I think is something you should cherish and continue to nuture (which it sounds like you are doing already).

If she has not already come to you in dreams, and you had a close relationship to her, I think the probability is very high she will come back and contact you in the dream world when the time is right.

Abraham Lincoln had a premonition dream of his death a few weeks before he died.

Mark Twain, like you, dreamed of a family members death a few months before it happened.

My mom dreamed of a family member coming to her and telling her to look after his wife. The next day he died.

If you want a great book on this topic:

I think you are in the right place. Very happy to hear you are motivated to continue with dream work.


uau! Incredible virtuous woman you are. Thank you for sharing yourself with us.

I also had a precognitive dream before my son decided to leave this planet. I feel that the flow of life took me to the place of not valuing that dream and keep what I was doing, allowing for the death process to occur. On the day of his death, at school some hours before drowning he had asked me to go with him, the teacher and the other kids to the forest and I said “no” because I really had a “no” inside me. This has taught me to trust the universe, connection with people, events, my inner voice and also to trust where my heart leads me, even when it means saying goodbye to a beloved. I learned a lot with him and if it wasn’t for his death I wouldn’t be the woman I am today and I wouldn’t be here sharing these words with you. A few months before I got pregnant I had a deep question inside me “I want to know what love is”. I found it :slight_smile: thanks to my son :slight_smile:

I was curious about the number you shared on your profile 3225… if you’d like to share the meaning I would love to know.

Blessings on coming back to Lucid Dreaming :slight_smile: