😴 Meditation for Lucid Dreaming - Claire Johnson

I was particularly interested in her take on Yoga Nidra and meditating in lucid dreams, having had that experience recently. Andrew calls her a “rockstar.” No disagreement there!


Great minds think alike

I stumbled onto her youtube page a few days ago, that was one ofmthe videos I was meaning to watch. She definitely is a rockstar!

Really like this interview:

Befriending the Sandman: Learning the Art of Lucid Dreaming

I have also heard Andrew call her the Queen of Dreaming, no disagreement there!

Need to get her books.

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She’s got an excellent Facebook presence and posts a lot. Here too. Answers people there too. Andrew answered your question tonight. Excellent Q&A . . .

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This video is really good too:

Awesome, I wasnt able to attend the zoom meeting, but looking forward to watching the recording. See you at the Sangha on Sat :slightly_smiling_face:

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