Aloha from Wood Valley, Hawai'i Island

Aloha! My name is Daniel and I’m new to Night Club. I’m taking a Teachings of Ram Dass course online and someone in the Facebook group recommended this website when I asked a question seeking insights on dreams. After browsing the site, this seems like the place to acquire some knowledge and understanding on the topic!

I was born in Madrid, Spain, grew up in Orlando, Florida, at age 20 moved to Massachusetts where I spent nearly 10 years, and recently relocated to Big Island, Hawaii in search of a simpler life more in harmony with mother nature.

I’ve recently been passionate about learning a new way of living, more in harmony with nature and my fellow humans. I’ve been looking at life through a wider lens and seeing the vastness of potential I have become immersed in a spiritual path, learning from teachings of various religions (such as those Ram Dass and Alan Watts speak of) and non-religions (such as Jiddu Krishnamurti).

In the past couple of years I was re-awakened spiritual through the use of psychedelics. Most of my life I have not experienced vivid dreams or dreams I could recall until recently. I’ve used cannabis before bed most of my adult life, and I think this may have suppressed my dreams or my ability to remember them. Now I have been abstaining from cannabis before bed, and I think it may be a factor of these new dreams.

Since I’ve been living in Wood Valley, I’ve been having intense vivid dreams. So intense that when I wake, I feel pulled back into sleep. I have this feeling that there’s important business to attend to in this other reality, and I’ll end up oversleeping an our or two to stay in the dream and carry out whatever is happening in the dream. Sometimes I’ll feel a sort of hangover after waking up and the first hour of my morning feels foggy. It feels that it takes time for me to sink back in to the physical world I’ve returned to. Has anybody else experienced this?

I recently read a book called Entangled, by Graham Hancock, and it opened me up to the potential of our consciousness to exist in multiple places in space in time. At times I feel that this is what’s going on in my dream states.

Please feel free to share any insights or teachings that may help me understand where I am at in my relationship to these dreams. Otherwise, I’ll be browsing this site looking to learn!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I’m excited to be a part of this community of fellow dream journeyers.

Much love - Daniel


Great to see you here at the NightClub Daniel and you’ll see there are many other people in the 'Club from Hawaii. Your dreaming experiences are quite good and it would be interesting if you could join the folks on Sunday for the Dream Sharing Group get together, which would be an early rise for you (6:00AM?), as it starts at 11:00AM MT and goes for a couple of hours. People share dreams and provide support and feedback and you’re sure to get some very good responses from the group, as well as some ideas about how to proceed. The NightClub has lots of other features too. A few weeks ago we viewed a movie about Ram Daas at the Saturday Night Movie online theater (BYOP). His later years in Hawaii were so idyllic and visionary. I can see why you were drawn there.

Where did you live in Massachusetts? I’m still there/here, although it’s mostly farmland around me. It’s not Hawaii, but it’s home.

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Thank you for the warm welcome! I appreciate all of the information you shared. I will try and make it to the Dream Sharing Group. I usually wake up around 6 AM (when the dreams don’t keep me in dream land for longer) but could certainly manage to get up a bit earlier to join in on the gathering. I’m very interested in learning from fellow explorers of this realm. Movie night sounds nice too! I live in the middle of nowhere and have little human interaction so virtual movie sharing sounds nice! I do feel a strong connection with Ram Dass, as my awakening came from psychedelics but then transitioned to a practice more focused on other techniques beyond the psychedelic shortcut. Also he’s from Massachusetts and ended up in Hawaii haha. Certainly some parallels.

During my time in Massachusetts I spent 7 years or so bouncing around different parts of Cambridge and Watertown, working at Tufts Health Plan. Gave up the corporate life for a more fun job at Night Shift Brewing until I moved to Hawaii. My last 3 years were spent in Salem, where I felt most at home, I love, love, love, LOVE, the north shore :slight_smile: . Until COVID happened which lead me to study the world from a different perspective and the things I valued radically changed, so I came out to Hawaii to learn and develop a new way of life.

Thank you again for the warm welcome, I look forward to participating in the Night Club events.


Forgot to ask, where in Massachusetts do you reside?


Hadley, MA, on top of a hill. Love the Peabody-Essex in Salem. Went on a Journey nearby a couple of years ago.

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Hey @danielaponte1020 Aloha and welcome to Night Club!

You’re in a great place to explore dreams and the nocturnal/diurnal practices that support the dreamers-path.

We have a Weekly Q+A session on Thursdays (#virtual-hangouts) at 4pm ET if the timing works out for you… It’s a nice way to meet the community and ask any questions directly to @Andrew.

There’s a lot to explore around the Club so feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Looking forward to seeing you around!


Thank you for the info! I intend on participating in the community events. I look forward to it!


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Delayed welcome Daniel – I just LOVE the islands, and go to Maui somewhat frequently. There’s a great deal of drala energy, or spiritual power in the elements. My friend Stephen LaBerge taught his 10 day lucid dreaming retreats there for many years, and I attended several and then co-taught a bit with him out there.