ARTICLE: Near-death experiences, a survival strategy?

That sounds exactly like the discription of a near death experience, if NDEs were a choice, or voluntary response, I think much more people would experiment with such behaviors.

When someone is being brutally raped or tortured, NDEs have been reported, and it makes sense, if the ‘predator’ in these instances is a sociopath, then hearing the victim scream or cry will excite them more, and continue with the horrific acts. Perhaps having the body become lifeless and unresponsive, causes the predator to lose interest in some cases, then through natural selection, these NDEs would be passed on.

Do some research on NDEs, not all of them involve the victim losing their pulse or respiration, it is more a detachment of consciousness, where they can view from outside their body what is taking place.

Also I think there are varying degrees of Fight, Freeze, and flight. The lion freezes in the tall grass, as does the jaguar in the trees waiting for their prey. I’ve seen rabbits and deer freeze voluntarily, only to bolt when you make eye contact with them.