Concious Death in a LD / Reincarnation

@Andrew @aholecek Hello once Again to all,

thank you for your time first and foremost. In addition to my last post on Watching Death / Staying aware, I had a few more thoughts in addition I would like to share.

First off, in the deepest realization insights gained on several occations, in experiential form, it was clearly noticed / experienced that I do not exist, other than in thought of myself. Every single impuls is minds manifestation arising and subsiding in stillness of self. Therefore, all that is shared here and discussed, is merely once again, somewhat or all…ego mind concerned with its journey. In absolute stillness, there are no questions, concerns, wonderings, all is known as oneself.

Yet, there is a push that conciousness sets forth, to experience itself. To explore. To add to the watching death experience, I had the though notion that it would be very helpful and liberating, if one could bypass the suffering of illness and decay by conciously exiting this body-mind realm of earth in a lucid dream. It comes to mind that paul tholey, could be one who demonstrated this. Ofcourse, facts are unkown, but the circumstances sorounding his passing, lead to suspicion of him conciously chosing to not return to this realm, through his mastery of lucid dreaming. It would be quit risky to experiment this in a lucid dream. The only thought I had, was to ask while lucid “is there a possibility to leave the physical body permenantly”. Another question mind had yesterday, to experiment in a lucid dream is to ask “what would one wake up to, if there was no body to return to”? I am yet to wait the result. Futhur more, practicing these experiences as often as possible, would most likely raise the chance to conciously leave the body in a lucid dream when REALLY willing to do so, and not just as a experiment, as in dipping my toe in the water but not fully wanting to jump in with the risk of no return.

Lastly, a mind pondering question on reincarnation. Rarely have i read reincarnation in regards to other planetary realms. Mostly, atleast the way I understood, was that reincarnation is related to this earthly realm and body mind as we know it. with conciousness displaying and manifesting in infinite ways, why are these theories so narrowed down to this little spectrum of existance? It seems, that the thought of reincarnation is also limited to the finite minds capabilites of imagination.

Of course, like i opened up, all these written thoughts, are all merely finite minds flow of thoughts. Who really exists to care? In my case, in total honesty, it is a more or less subtle “willingness” of ego mind to control its destiny. Another trap of the ego mind identification. But yet, as we experience every night falling asleep, so rarely if ever fully aware of the process of falling asleep at night time (more so the case of WILD or DILDS in the middle of the night or early mornings, or mid day naps), once again lost in a dream, not realizing its true nature.

I wish all a blessed weekend. Thank you


This is exactly what I’m pondering about and I’m curious what the Buddhists view point is. If there will be another life time for me, I’d like to be reborn on a higher developed planet to learn new things :wink:

And what you mention about Tholey etc… it’s the reason I’m afraid of a true clear light experience. I’m still afraid to surrender to the lucid light…I’d have to add to just want to experience it for a minute or less.

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Thanks for your answer Marlise. Possibly we can learn the “most” on this dense plane of existance. With the extreme polarities given and worldy attachments on display. But lastly, what do I know? All once again, mind pondering thoughts which come and go in the unchanging stillness.

What are your techniques or portals / gateways to recognize, manifest the lucid light? It seems for my experience, when entering a tunnel with light at the end, the more i seem to want to reach it, the furthur it moves away.

At the moment, I gave up to experience the lucid light in my LDs. But sometimes my ‘Larger Awareness’ still seems to play hide and seek with me :upside_down_face: just two days ago I became lucid because my staircase was filled with powder snow. I tried to walk into it (Walking Zen Meditation) and penetrate the floor to get covered by it, but I couldn’t. Instead there were three golden triangles on the floor which I picked up and lost lucidity…

thank you for your sharing marlise. in the past, how did you approach to experience the lucid light. losing lucididy, is such a thin line, especially false awakenings seem to be a thin line. a little too much attention will then result in a waking state transfer. but the practice is enjoyable and lastly a great wonderouse adventure of conciousness experiencing itself in narrow and wide ranges. thanks for your sharing.

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