Article: We need a science of the night (Nature)

We need a science of the night I find myself much in agreement with this short Nature article. It focuses on the terrible toll taken on human health by our lack of understanding / wise management of our relationship with the night.



I agree, though I’d go further than just urban issues-focus of the article. Having spent years in Alaska with midnight suns and twilights-by-noon I saw many people who managed the seasonal/latitudinal changes well, while others struggled mightily, particularly during the long winter nights. There is a lot than can be learned from people who live and thrive in the darkness. The author mentions time in several nations including Singapore. It’s noteworthy then that Singapore has had a wonderful Night Safari open for the past 25 years where you can observe over 2500 nocturnal animals going about their business. Singapore is almost on the equator so the daylight/nightime ratio is pretty consistent year-round.