Too Much Light recall a teaching from the Book Study group that we suffer too much light in our society.

Here is an article on the matter:


Crime of the century, think of how many generations of our ancestors had access to the pure night sky.


Yeah, but they did not have many of the benefits of modern society such as advanced medicine, technologies unimaginable only a generation or two ago, longer lifespans, the ease of reading into the night, travel, communication and much, much more. . . It’s always a question of tradeoffs and learning how to manage them. We can still access the pure night sky if we travel to various spots in the country, and we have optical tools that allow us to us peer even farther. I can think the of more than one crime of the century but don’t think the “authorities” will do anything about them, at least they haven’t so far.



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No one wants to have a heart attack or a baby during a Blackout on the grid.

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