Bardo-like dreaming?

I wonder if your Grandma’s cousin did Astral Travel but couldn’t return to her body? This I think is what stopped me from being able to do it post age 12. Fear that I may not return to my body.


I read what was available on google and was impressed, I am going to try to find that book at my library, and if not, get it from Amazon. Thank you for the recommendation.

Will check out the Reiki Soircebook too. I had a friend show me a basic practice. He took his hands a few inches apart and told me to do the same and imagine a balloon in between the hands, and to sense and feel the subtle energy between the hands. Once you got a feel for it, he said to move the hands toward and away from eachother and see if you can feel the energy being compressed like a balloon. Then when you feel it more, you can make the diatance between the hands wider and wider. And eventually use that energy on different areas of the body.

Me as well when I found out about the death of the girl, kinda spooky, but also inspiring. Absolutely they did, but I would say the most dramatic paradigm shifts came from when I had Premonition dreams. The first major one came a few years ago. Then when I found this site, and started doing a Dream Journal daily and religiously, I had about 8-10 more in the 6 month period. That forever changed the way I viewed the world, my understandings, and beliefs, all for the better. And gave me an even deeper appreaciation for God and the hidden forces in this universe. Dreams dont have to be lucid to really pack a punch, the most powerful ones I have had were not.

Do you do a dream journal?

Its possible. If it was her, it could be her spirit took on the form that would convey a message that would be most meaningful to me and others in my life. Who knows?

I sincerely hope you are able to reclaim that gift of Astral Travel, and I believe if you continue on your spiritual journy you will. As with your ability to do lucid dreaming so well, those are 2 major gifts from God. :slightly_smiling_face: