Breathing Under Water (1)

I received this dream about 6 years ago when I was at an on-line dreamyoga retreat. This is how I now remember it.

Working at correction, I almost drown. Intention saves me (I guess)

I am in an old bathroom/toilet that looks like it was built decades ago. There is just the one bare tap hanging from the bare wall. The wall is ?cement or old paint. The ground is covered with old tiles and a part of the tiling created to separate out the flow of the water is broken. It looks like it could be dangerous with its cutting edge.

I know we have to renovate this bathroom/toilet and I am thinking about how we could make this into a beautiful functional bathroom and toilet space when I suddenly become lucid.
A wave of excitement flows through me and I change the tap hanging from the wall into a natural spring. The spring is now in an open air nature place, lush with greenery.

*I become more ambitious (but it is not really being ambitious because in this ‘lucid world’ anything is possible and nothing is ever too much or too little). *
I change the spring into a waterfall and now the waterfall is cascading down into a pond, and now the pond has become a large lake, beautiful for swimming in.

Suddenly, the dream elements take on life of their own, take on the power of life and the water flows so rapidly and with so much power that horror of horrors, the water level is quickly above my head and I ‘become deeper and deeper’.
I realise that I am about to drown and begin to panic.

But then, now I burst into a new level of lucidity and realise that I can breathe under water.
I breathe under water. I feel the air in my lungs, in my body in the spaces and the organs and fluids of my body. It is like nothing that I have ever experienced before.
Waves and waves of bliss flow through my body as I experience the bliss in my body and at the same time, view everything, including my sleeping body on the bed, from a non-local awareness.

I’m in this for a few minutes and then I wake.

Dream Symbols
Toilet.bathroom: healing space, spiritual practice
Cutting Edge: as in Cutting Edge ?teaching ?therapy This one is dangerous.

Typing this dream here now, I realise that this dream really happened to me in the past 6 years of my life. I feel immense gratitude to know this and to know my mistake of being too enthusiastic to change things (that now then becomes no longer a ‘mistake’). Better to simply see and know and leave the rest to the elements? But whatever happened was the wisest and the most efficient way! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
And now, what fun! I am beginning to learn to ‘breathe under water’!

Thank you. _/l_


Really loved reading about your dream. I’m a beginner at lucid dreaming so all descriptions are fascinating to me. Part about breathing under water was beautiful. Remembering that we are all born being able to breathe fluid in the womb.

Also the part about the water rising and you not being able to breathe. I nearly drowned as a young child and I suppressed memory of this and the memory only surfaced when I experienced states of illness. Your description reminded me of this discovery and the fact that this was a pre verbal memory that surfaced in waves and felt very dream like.


That is so cool, really love your taste, I would take spring water over mercury & fluoride laced city water any day lol.

Have you seen the Original Disney movie Fantasia? That kind of reminds me of Micky and the water buckets scene. Also has parallels to Dr. Frankenstein… (Be very careful what you create)

I think there is a very powerful teaching here:
you changed your environment, to make yourself feel better
as that backfired you took the more evolved path:
You changed yourself (via ‘the new level of lucidity’), to better adapt and THRIVE in the environment

that is a very powerful life lesson

Very deep, beautiful dream,. thank you for sharing

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