Brilliant powerful exercise from Robert Moss :) and some questions


I live in an old stone cottage on a remote island in Scotland. On a cold windy winter day, keeping warm beside the oil fired range after some lunch, I fell asleep. I was dreaming but it was from exactly where I was sitting in my armchair. I looked out the window and saw the postman. He was dressed all in black. He was looking directly at me and I knew he was attending my funeral. That shocked me to wake up and the room was filled with fumes from the range. I saw it was 5 hours passed since my lunch.

Really enjoyed reading you’re awesome story here: :arrow_heading_down:

Do you or a member or @aholecek know where to read Andrew’s precognitive story/stories? Like you i always find these experiences fascinating to read about.

Wow! This interests me because on & off these past 5 years theres a story i came across that keeps finding its way back to me. The story of Troy links in with it, as well as the time around BC. It makes me wonder if where i live i have a past life connection.