☠ Bringing Death Into Clear Light | Lion’s Roar

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"What we have designed is a simulation of the Sambhogakaya, the pure dimension of subtle form and great exaltation. Many people with chronic pain or persistent mental suffering say that merely by entering the environment, embodying an avatar of a dynamic cloud of energy, floating in a groundless spacescape, they experience relief. "

Why these spiritual practices are so potent.


" “aNUma” comes from the term numadelic , coined by one of our co-founders, scientist, and media artist David Glowacki. The word is derived from the Greek words pneuma , meaning “breath,” “spirit,” or “soul,” and delein , meaning “to reveal” or “to manifest,” a result of the fact that numerous participants who have participated in our sessions commented how aNUma reminded them of “spirit” and aspects of subtle embodiment."

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