Comments & Discussion Dream Yoga book study group

I read the transcript for Session 1. The transcript on otter is apparently done through an auto-generating system. I appreciate that the transcripts are available for those of us who don’t watch the sessions Live. So in spite of what follows below, please keep them coming.

Mingyur Rinpoche is mentioned in the section starting at 48:12 minutes. He is my teacher. Andrew loves his book, In Love with the World, which describes Mingyur’s wandering retreat as well as his experience of nearly dying. Mingyur’s name in the transcript is rendered ‘manger remedies’. And elsewhere, the names of the 4 schools of Tibetan Buddhism are garbled. The best job they did was with Nyingma which came out ‘nema’. While some of the Tibetan words are transcribed in a hilarious way, some English phrases also didn’t make it through intact.

Reading the transcripts will help keep my brain young as I find myself automatically transcribing midsentence for the correct word. Some of Andrew’s sentences in the transcript might be more accurately said to be ‘dreamspeak’ as the English is incomprehensible. Am I dreaming?

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