Description of Dreaming Process in "Field of Cosmic Information"

Hi all! Excited to be here! I had a dream in December that I’m curious about.

I got lucid, but was struggling to hold onto lucidity because my dog was next to me kicking me as she dreamt. I then passed through this liminal state – it felt like it was just outside the atmosphere of the Earth – and I heard a booming male voice giving a scientific description of what was happening in my body as I dreamt. The way I described it at the time was that the description flowed from a field of cosmic information. It referenced the occipital lobe, which I did not consciously know was a part of dreaming (I awoke and googled it to confirm). I googled some other stuff, and I found reference to the “mouth of god chakra” or the “well of dreams,” but I’m not so sure about the sources.

Has anyone had an experience like this or know what this might be?

Thanks so much!


Welcome to the Night Club. Haven’t had that type of experience. Are you in a medical or social sciences field where this type of occurrence would fit in?


Thanks for your response and warm welcome, Barry! I’m a lawyer/coach, so I wouldn’t have come into this info all that naturally in waking life.

I got lucid in a subsequent dream and asked dream figures how I could find out what happened during that first dream. I was carted around the dream to a castle, where I was supposed to be able to talk with someone who would know, but I got there and no one was there!

Here’s to hoping I can get lucid again soon and see if I can get to the bottom of it! :slight_smile:


Keep us posted. Maybe next time talk to the castle. Charlie Morley once mentioned that in some cases he just asks the dream for advice and he gets it that way.


You mention that this happened in a liminal state. I have found that odd things can happen in the space between dreams.

From my own experience I am pretty much convinced that, while our dreams are dependent on the limitations of our mind, we may be able to connect to deeper wisdom from more expansive sources in that elusive space between the dream state and the waking state.


Yeah, that’s what it seemed like to me: that I was actually passing through some sort of field. My thought when I woke up was whether I was passing through the field as my brain waves changed.

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It was kind of in my field of vision to my right, I think…if I remember correctly. And I don’t recall it being a gray disk, but rather I think it was the Earth as I’d expect to see it… but maybe that’s just my mind filling in details at this point.

It’s a pretty common thing to pull knowledge from the hypnagogic state, There is of course the deeper question of how this works. One possibility is the brain is just able to pull together abstract thoughts in this state of being half asleep. The other possibility, that the brain is somehow accessing the information extrinsically, perhaps via Jung’s creative collective unconscious or through some sort of universal field which connects things. I personally believe that we are all connected in a shared dream space which we call waking reality so for me the idea that you have gained knowledge that you did not have access to is not far fetched at all. You are also not the first person to hear a knowledgeable narrator voice, Castaneda’s emissary comes to top of mind. Next time ask it what it is and what it represents if you can. Pretty amazing dream you had, keep it up!