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100% I’ve done some extensive testing in the past while I was trying to find the right one to help my mom have her first lucid dream. It is the only test that is reliable.

My comment was also based in the movie BTW.


from the book “An Experiment with time, by J. W. Dune”:

@NightHawk999 you can check his brilliant description of how memory works and the performing associative thinking creates more complex ramifications of brain traces that able us to remember things.

this man was a genius… I LOVE his writing :heart_eyes:
“But there can be no reasonable doubt that the idea of a soul must have first arisen in the mind of primitive man as the result of observation of his dreams. Ignorant as he was, he could have come to no other conclusion but that, in dreams, he left his sleeping body in one universe and went wandering off into another.”


Interesting enough, a book came to my hands thanks to a premonitory dream I had last week: in the dream I was on my path and a huge fridge was on the side with the door opened. On that same day, I was at the beach with a friend and noticed there was a “fridge library” where people can take a book, read it and then give it back… I was so excited (with the fact of being able to pick that image from the dream) that I suggested my friend (who is German) to pick a book for her, since I had mine to read… and she picked this one, directly:

in which the author describes the same processes as JW Dunne…
they both describe very precisely and with their experiences, how the inner images we visualize, in some cases, are as real as reality…
“The rays of light, proceeding from objects in the light, have the power of forming pictures on other bodies, as well as on the retina of the eye. If the body be sufficiently opaque and polished, we can readily see them, as in an ordinary mirror, or a polished plate of metal, or water, as we observe in the river the trees that grow by its margin; and although when the object is removed no picture is visible, there is good reason to believe that the picture thus formed is nearly, if not entirely, as enduring as the substance on which it is formed.”

They also both explain this with the help of color phenomena, which is much more magical that people usually think of…

I am mind blown!..


for me, king is daily register of dreams and registering dream signs. this is what causes me to have spontaneous lucid dreaming :heart_eyes: I’m in the dream and I clearly know it’s a dream - no need for reality checks (which some experts say that they only reach 90% accuracy). this is also a great practice for daytime as you mentioned in the memory thread @Dream_Hacker - that exercise is really what keeps us lucid in all states, recognizing and also remembering this is all a dream, making the joyful exercise of being present enough to remember what is truly important :brown_heart:


Thank you for this



Sounds like it hit some pretty deep topics in that book!

The Placebo and Nocebo effect seem to both strongly support this claim.


it goes way over placebo and nocebo.
it touches our psychic abilities…
this book is a kind of a treaty of psychometric experiments they developed along time. It would become more and more accurate with time (just like me with my intuition technique) - a regular practice delivered an increasing accuracy in what they were able to see with eyes closed - the text I shared is only in the beginning of the book, where they are explaining how it all works.
this book that I was able to see where it was in a dream, is a huge confirmation and empowerment of my experiments since 2014!.. amazing stuff… :brown_heart:


these two gems, both recommended by two beloved friends, have just arrived…

I have preparation work for, at least, the next decade…! uuuufff… :cowboy_hat_face: :fire: :brown_heart: