100,000 Things to do in Lucid Dreams

Found this free book the other day and thought it was really brilliant. Hope yall like it as much as I did:

  1. Solve A Complex Problem
    This one really deeply resonated with me, because in high school I was able to do this on 3 separate occassions. I do not believe I was lucid at the time, but the fact that I obessed about solving the problems before bed, showed me the power of incubation, and the immense power of the dreaming mind at finding complex and creative solutions:

  2. Become the rain
    Thought this one was such a cool idea:

65 View the4th, 5th, and 6th dimensions
This lne has been on my bucket list for a while. Very interested to hear from any members who have succeeded doing this:

Would love to add to this list other ideas that you all have done in dreams, and turn it into a list of 100,000 things to do in lucid dreams. I am a firm believer that the dream world is infinite, as are the possibilities and experiences within it.


Interesting list, fun to look at, though it is important to remember that, as Andrew and other Dharma teachers caution, what you do in dreams does create Karma if done with intent, so one must be careful in dreams, as in life, to do no harm.

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Yeah, the author does mention this too, but I dont think they spend enough time driving home this point. He says it creates bad habits, but I think also saying it affects your Karma in very bad ways would have been beneficial for readers too.

Was a little bit disappointed by how violent some of the ideas were, but over all I think the list is pretty amazing.

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