Dream Guides

Does anyone have any experience with having a dream guide? I believe that I have come across one. Here’s how that came about a few weeks ago:

I have just parked my car in a barely lucid dream. Now there is a man in the passenger seat and I am very lucid. I look over at him as he takes a maraca off the dashboard in front of him. This is the maraca that is in my studio…it has a bright red lacquered shell with painted flowers on it.
I had just used it that day to finish a song. “Nice shaker” he says as he picks it up. I tell him that I just used it. I turn fully to look at him and we lock eyes. He is thin with longish black hair that is somewhat unkempt and a pale complexion. His eyes are grey with black flecks and they are boring right into mine. I say nothing…and then I am awake.

I am calling him the grey-eyed dude. This morning, during a Sunday morning lay-in after a number of strong night time dreams, nothing much was happening. So I decided to reach out to him. “How about it, man?” I said. :sunglasses:

I rolled over to my sleep position and went into a quick series of three very lucid dreamlets.

If anybody has any advice as to how best to use this new friend…I’m all ears. :ear: :ear:


That’s awesome, Steve. I’d love to have a dream guide. Enjoy :smiley:


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Thanks for sharing, what an experience. I wish I had some solid advice for you, though your experience does remind me of the interview Andrew had with Charlie Morley. Charlie told the story about a lucid dream where he asked a Warrior, who represented his fear, if he could train with him. Maybe you could ask your guide how to best interact with him?

I do believe I have dream guides as well though mine are all faceless and without identity and unfortunately I have not been lucid when around them yet. If I ever am I should probably ask them who they are! :slight_smile:


I hear directions in lucid dreams and some vivid dreams, but am not aware of any presence to question, even if I could remember to do that.


I have yet to see my friend the grey-eyed dude again but I have reached out to him a number of times for help in getting across the threshold into lucidity. His face is etched into my memory.

I can feel his presence and I know that he is…really an extension of my true self. He and I share a primordial essence.


Perhaps draw his face. This app can help.

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He’ll come back when he’s good and ready, if my own experience is anything to go by. I guess you can talk to him though, as he is inside of you always. Be prepared that the response may not be in the form you expect, but in the way that is best here and now.

I know that I personally am no judge of my own path, and the process is unknown to my conscious mind. As the lotus of a thousand petals doesn’t open all at once (to risibly mix my esoteric metaphors :slightly_smiling_face:) I guess these experiences teach us patience with our path, that we can’t rush it. Seeing him is a profound foundational experience. You will be building on that now :pray:


There has been another…or perhaps the same. She is the gray lady. She follwed me in to a room a few weeks ago and when I turned to face her she asked me how she could help me. Our eyes locked but I did not speak…words were not important.



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