Dream signs

I’ve been using the Carlos Castaneda hands technique for nearly a month now. For those that don’t know there’s a book by Carlos Castaneda (Journey to Ixtlan) in which his friend Don Juan tells him to, “find your hands in your dreams”. Before going to bed you look at your hands and mentally say, ‘tonight in my dreams I’ll see my hands and know that I am dreaming’. Your hands become a sort of trigger for lucid dreaming.

Anyway, I’ve been having sporadic dreams that have hands in them, sometimes mine but sometimes random big hands. Like in one there was a big orange guy who had huge six fingered hands and last night I dreamt about a guy who gave me a big white papier mâché copy of his hand. In the same dream there was a big white hand chair.

I’m wondering why I’m missing the signs? Is my dream-self an idiot?

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@Atma-Mu Sounds to me like you need to adjust your daytime practice of looking at your hands, by taking several moments of undivided attention of REALLY looking at the hands amd checking if they look odd. Rushing this practice could make this habit too superficial for it to become a lucidity trigger. Good luck! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


I’ve been looking at my hands when I remember to and sometimes I still don’t get triggered. Once I noticed I only had 4 fingers my hand and I thought to myself “I could live with that” instead of realizing I was dreaming. @KhyungMar’s advice for an adjustment to your daily practice is worth trying.

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