Dreaming Up Through Time (Non-Lucid Dream Share)

I’m lying down in an unknown location that I have a faint memory of being some kind of red forest - not of this world. I am with a master or guide of some kind and together with others, we are controlling “time” in the regular, waking world.

I understand that I’m sleeping even though my eyes are open and I am communicating with the guide. “Time” is measured by impossibly long sleep cycles and different sleepers are controlling different periods of time. (Think geological eras mapped to the sleep cycle…)

We’ve just entered the REM phase and I am now the dreamer of this period of existence. I am dreaming a terrible nightmare that I understand everyone to be experiencing. I try to change the dream, but I’m paralyzed and I start to panic.

I tell the guide that I cannot help what I am seeing and they tell me that we’re entering a Nightmare period and that it’s OK. They explain to me that every few thousand years we cycle through an REM period that is filled with terrors and that I need to fight through it. I wake up.

Thoughts & Notes

  • I really like the idea of mapping the overall existence of time to a sleep cycle
  • It’s an especially interesting idea if we are all on a path to awakening as a species
  • Perhaps I am unknowingly putting too much pressure on myself to have lucid dreams?
  • I would have loved to have become lucid in this dream and asked questions of the guide

I love this dream. Are you a Time Lord by any chance?

Reading your dream puts me in mind of the Kali Yuga. I do hope we are collectively waking up from this nightmarish period sometime soon…



I guess Arthur is a Doctor Who fan and makes similar connections. For the non-fan, The Doctor’s character continues as new actors (and actresses) take over a regenerated body with different characteristics and personalities, but it’s the same Doctor, with the continuing memory, much like reincarnated Tulkus and Rimpoches in Buddhism, where at one level, time becomes malleable or non-existent.

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Still miss the Ood . . . . !

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