Educational Imperatives of the Evolution of Consciousness: The Integral Visions of Rudolf Steiner and Ken Wilber

I was emailed the article below, unsolicited, perhaps through an academic search from years ago? Dunno. It’s called,

Educational imperatives of the evolution of consciousness:
the integral visions of Rudolf Steiner and Ken Wilber

Jennifer M. Gidley*

Maybe she’s taken a class with Andrew? Not sure how she would know I was a trained Waldorf School teacher (graduate school) where the works of Rudolf Steiner were used to develop a Westernized, Spiritual-form of education, and how a link between Ken Wilbur and Rudolf Steiner’s thinking would interest me. Maybe everyone on the site received a copy?

The article may be too esoteric for general interest in the Night Club but I like her examination of integral theory from both perspectives, so anyone interested in education might enjoy the article, particularly if they have not encountered Steiner’s theories or work before. Or maybe not.


Thanks Sujata,

My Master’s Degree was in Waldorf Education and I worked one summer after in a program before spending 4 years in the Peace Corps using those methods while teaching in the Himalayas.

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Thanks, but really just balancing the scales.