🗣 Expanded States of Consciousness World Summit

The way these “summits” work is that there are great topics, great guests, some ok guests and some superstars, all free for a day or two, from day to day. Then, there’s a fee if you want to keep the whole thing. So, if you have time and an interest in any of the topics, the day of the broadcast there is no charge. I’ve had success with these in the past, with one or another guest having really excellent content. If you’re not interested in this, just pass on it.


Thanks Barry; ever the source of wisdom & support :pray:t4::pray:t4::hugs:


Also plays into Andrew’s recent opening into the topics with interviews and his personal experiences. I know many people have inquired about it as well!


Very cool, thank you for sharing. If you come across any must watches let us know. I’ll be trying to catch some of this while it is free :+1:.


Awesome @_Barry ! Thank you for sharing this. Very cool they offer 2 free days.

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