Forgetfulness (non lucid dream)

4/29 this dream occurred after 5-6 hours of sleep. I awoke briefly but did not try any technique to induce a lucid dream, although I fell asleep asking my dreams to show me something important.

I’m in a theatre of some sort with some people I knew in high school. They/we are observing the different shapes of people’s noses. Then two people down the aisle appear to be about to kiss. The people I’m with think this is quite funny because of the shapes of their noses. I say I need to go and leave with my backpack.

I go out to eat at an outback with teachers. I have containers of food for school, some leftovers etc
I need to head out because I think I have a 1:00 class but I’m not sure. I walk to my dorm to stop at my room. I think I was supposed to read some of A Separate Peace for today but I can’t remember. I walk in the dorm and I don’t remember my room number. I believe it is on the second floor. The elevator is broken so I climb up a narrow circular stair case and start looking for which room could be mine. None of them look familiar. I decide to head back downstairs so I can ask for help at the front desk. The staircase is full of people now and it’s hard to get down. I say excuse me over and over and start lowering myself down by the railings. I seem unusually strong to be able to do this effortlessly. I cut through the mini mart area to go find out my room number.

My general takeaways from the dream are: I had plenty of opportunities to become lucid (being in college- but not my college, not knowing my schedule or dorm room number, lowering myself down a circular stairway).

I noticed I was extremely forgetful of basic things but I did not feel flustered by that.

IfI had become lucid, I would have explored the giant old mansion dorm and asked the dream figures I encountered to tell me something important.