Moment of lucidity; forgetting lucid dreams

this morning: I have a dream I’m with another guy, we’re going through some sort of adventures. I’m forgetting the details now but there’s a scene in which something really weird is going on, we’re trying to stop or change something. We’re rushing towards a location and if I recall correctly we both fall asleep or are unconscious at any rate. Then we get up again and, I’m not sure but I think things are even weirder at this point.

He tells me it’s a dream or we’re dreaming, and I respond, “Yeah right,” totally unconvinced. I do the nose-pinch test and breathe freely through my nose and think Holy fuck! This is a dream! We actually are dreaming. I don’t know if I immediately lose lucidity – I suspect so – because the next thing I say is “Oh yeah, did you see that scene in OA where a character does a nose-pinch test?” [note: I think this was in the second episode of season two; character woke up from a nightmare and seemed to do the nose-pinch test]

The most interesting thing about this for me is, I woke up an entire sleep cycle previous and recalled the dream. At this point I remembered some of the more mundane details of the dream and then thought, Oh yeah, wasn’t there something about dreaming? But couldn’t really recall that part. Then after another sleep cycle I suddenly clearly remembered the moment of lucidity, but almost nothing of the rest of the dream.

Somewhere on Night Club @aholecek said or wrote something about people forgetting lucid dreams, and I thought “I’ve heard other people say that, but it seems unlikely to me.” May have to re-evaluate that stance. :thinking:



@ArthurG I’m with you! When I started my journey, I also found it pretty hard to imagine that one could have a lucid dream and not remember. However! I have since recorded about 2 or 3 lucid dreams that I did not originally recall upon waking. Like you, it took me a little while in the night for it to come back. I had these “Aha! Moments” that were very much - oh I WAS lucid in moments of that dream. Pretty wild to think about… how many other ones may we have missed?

What about anyone else? Experiences with delayed lucid recall?