I did the assignment-totally lucid

At last week’s retreat with Andrew he gave us an assignment for stage 2 lucidity (hand through wall) and stage 3 (change objects) but I forgot stage 4 or I might have been able to do that one too. (Note: Stage 4 is confronting fear). Before sleep I stated my intention to do the assignment and to also meet someone in particular in tonight’s dream. I went to sleep, as usual these days, listening to Charlie Morley’s Conscious Sleeping (Track 4).

However, I had a hard time sleeping-dozing off and on, till about 4 AM, but then I had a couple of dreams and at about 5 AM, went back to sleep and I realized I was dreaming right away, and told this to the people that I was with and they were happy. I put my hand through the walls, lots of walls, lots of times. I then reminded myself to change things so I did that too, changing a rock into a sort of a horse and other transformations before talking to characters about small things (can’t remember specifics) and exploring the world around me in a large multi-storied structure. As I went down the stairs the characters were shaking hands with me and saying they’d see me tomorrow as they were putting away the “props” of the dream in a large closet. I woke up at about 6AM and was too excited to go back to sleep. What fun!