6th LD, using the 'CHILD method'

Last night I had my 6th Lucid Dream since joining this site last May. Not sure if the CHILD (Chocolate Induced Lucid Dream) method exists already or not, but if not, maybe I can trademark it :upside_down_face: ?

Heres how it played out: After very little sleep Friday, I decided to take 4 pills of Galantamine to stay awake Saturday afternoon. I was in bed by 6pm Saturday night for make up sleep. I slept till around 9pm. Woke, read from Waggoners book stopping at chapter 17, then went to read Book 2 of the Aeneid. I was hungry, and skipped dinner becuase I wanted to sleep deep, so rather than eating a late meal, I ate half a chocolate Bar on an empty stomach. After reading book 2, I fell back asleap around 1130pm. I think had a series of 8 dreams that I can remember, 2 that I think involved levels of lucidity:

One involved me going om a retreat for one of Andrews lucid dream workshops, it was held on a massive mansion sized yaht off the coast of Mexico. Long story short, Andrew never appeared in the dream, and as time progressed the dream turned into a murder mystery/horror movie. (I wonder if the violence was incubated by reading about the Fall of Troy in Book 2 and bloodshed and deceit that took place). At times I was watching the movie cast, and at other times participating in the movie as well. Really crazy, scenes played at times like a movie trailer, fast and choppy, and at other times, long and drawn out, even at one point with a shore excursion visiting a NA historic site. What was a dream vacation turned out to be kind of spooky experience, but not quite a nightmare. At one point, in a large dark room, with a scary asian woman in a bathtub at the far end looking demonic, I realized she was the killer. I was afraid, but also became lucid knowing she was not real and this was a dream. I woke quickly after becoming lucid, I think from the lingering fear. I wish I had been able to confront her and interact lucidly with her.

I tried to go back to sleep and become lucid again. In the next dream it was very gray and overcast, almost black and white, hazy and not very vivid. I was outside in a field and trying to jump up and do reality checks to check if I was dreaming. They failed. But it has been months since I can remmeber doing reality checks in the dream state.

I quit doing caffeine when I joined this site, becuase I read one member say it messed with sleep and dreaming. I wonder if the small amount to caffeine from the chocolate bar, coupled with the trace levels of Galantamine in my system were what produced this LD? Of the LDs I have had, this was one of the shortest and most unstable.

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12mg total? FYI They give Alzheimer’s patients 24mg. daily to foster alertness.

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I think 16mg total.

Yes, I have read it can even be as high as 36mg.

I tried doing 24mg one morning, and threw up. I think it was partially becuase the toothpaste I used was so strong and I did not rinse it out enough, so that plus the medication gave me really bad dry mouth.

I wouldnt be opposed to trying the 24mg agin, but I am a little reluctant to. It did give a kind of altered state or high feeling, similar to adderal, where the focus on the senses was amplified, more sensitve taste, touch, sound, etc.

I am also worried about the side effects.

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