From lucid dreaming into an out of the body experience

Beloved friends, today was an Alleluia for me :slight_smile:

Seven months after doing a quest with Jade Shaw “The Art of Astral Projection”, where I learned a really cool technique to shift from lucid dreaming into an out of the body experience, it happened.

So, here’s the technique:
In a Lucid Dream, we can:

  1. draw a circle in a wall or on the floor;
  2. step back;
  3. jump in to it;
  4. say “out of body now!” (sankalpa)
  5. enjoy the ride (or not - hihihi)

And here’s my experience:

Tonight I became lucid in a dream, did a circle - with the color pencil Andrew had said (in another lucid dream) I could use to help me (I feel it gave me empowerment), and jumped into it saying: “Out of body now”.

But everything was in slow motion! So, I was head down (but not feeling my head), in a void, listening to my breathing and my legs were the only part of my body that I could feel and they would go up higher and higher in each breath. Then I woke up.

I think this a good start or perhaps “just” my first conscious experience out of the body.

Thank you.

PS: yesterday I bought and burned some incense from Bhutan… perhaps that helped… :slight_smile:


This is so awesome. Both @mbready and I have been talking about Robert Monroes OBEs and Remote Viewing the past few weeks. So cool you were able to experience this!

Very excited to hear about your future adventures.

Did Andrew teach you this technique in a dream, or in one of his videos?

So cool that this happened during the time of a New Moon!

Andrew along with many other expert dreamers, have mentioned Full moons, New Moons, and other planetary alignments as being very powerful times for dreaming. Sounds like they may also help with OBEs and Astral Projection as well! :slightly_smiling_face:

I had my first Lucid Dream since the Spring time yesterday (sept 13th), very close to he new moon.


in the dream I shared recently:

I noticed an important detail (for me):

I did a lucid dream plan with that color pencil, but did not happen in any dream but what made sense for me was to use it for making that circle :slight_smile:


How was it? wanna share?

And yes, I notice that some dates are like a wave that makes it much easier to dream lucid.
One of my most amazing super lucid dreams happened on a friday 13th… we will have one soon, in October :slight_smile:


It happened 2x, both experiences were very short, and both made me wake up after becoming lucid.

One was in my room, and something was off with the floor, which made me do a reality check.

I forget the other, but it made me hold my nose to do a reality check, and I could breath.

I have not done reality checks in dreams or became lucid for months, so even though it seems small, this was a really BIG deal for me. :star_struck: :cowboy_hat_face: :star_struck:

I LOVE this Simile, really brilliant way of explaining it.


I have noticed that from someone who does not experience these things, it might seem small, but it’s an amazing feeling… it’s actually a miracle that after we live these experiences, we can transform it into words and connect through such a distance. and then realize that we are all connected in brilliant synchronicities! Life is SO MAGIC :dolphin:



So true, these expereinces help deepen our faith, and show us how connected we really are.


Your reality checks are breaking through and becoming ingrained as habits. Hard work pays off :slightly_smiling_face:. Very happy to hear this. As far as the dreams being over quickly that is completely normal. Takes time to keep the heart rate and mind from becoming over excited in those moments.

To me the reality checks inside the dream sounds like a breakthrough. :heart:


Always open to trying new techniques. I’ll give this one a shot when I can remember while lucid. I wonder if the portal technique would work for this also. For example creating a portal, walking through it then saying “out of body now!” I’ll try to give that a shot also.

Glad to hear you had success with the technique! From what @NightHawk999 and I have been discovering there is something to these out of body experiences. You can interact with the physical waking plane. Check out the remote viewing - area 52 topic when you have time. Lots of good info in there on these types of experiences, the most intriguing part being that the united states government experimented and detailed their experiences in lengthy reports over the course of 20 years.


Appreciate you saying that, I feel the same way. The dry spells can be very discouraging, and become nasty obsticles in and of themselves if you let them get to you.

I had been doing Andrews DY Mantra before bed, and when i woke in the middle of the night, along with practicing TWR 4 Fundamental Practices. Very cool to see it pay off.


yes, sure it can also work with the portal. even though, when I receive a technique, I always like to try it first as the teacher did.
What I will do next time, will be projecting immediately when I leave the body when find myself in another place.

and yes, it was through Jade that I learned about the Stargate Programme. I have already read and shared some comments about that in remote viewing area 52 (a few weeks ago) :wink: :feather: