Greetings to the Group!

My Name is John Stier, I am originally from New Orleans but I am presently a nomad. I am working part time on a sailing vessel and part time doing plant medicine retreats.

I have been a yogi for nearly forty years, meditating 30 and studying the dharma for 20. Last year I finally made it to Tushita and I am hoping to kick start my dream yoga here!


Pleased to meet you @phnphunk . I hope to see some of your personal insights on some of our discussions, John.


Hey @phnphunk welcome to the Night Club. Ditto what @Steve_Gleason said, looking forward to hearing some of your personal insights.

Let me know if you have any questions about navigating the 'Club - Iā€™m happy to help.

Hi John, what plant teachers have you been working with? Has that practice affected your dreams in any way?

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