Hello from Argentina

Hi and good morning everyone, I am from France working in Argentina , I just enter this beautiful community of passionate dreamer and I am so grateful that Andrew manifest this night club format to gather all together :slight_smile:

I reconnect with my dream 4years ago where I was really in bad condition toxic addiction, toxic relationships and in a kind of depression/burn out at 24years old! My passion from permaculture, regenerating the earth and myself indeed brought me to meet a beautiful mentor who was the manager of a rewilding project community on 20hectare land where I have been a volunteer in the heart of Devon natural park in England. There we was having a silence morning everyday until 9where we was having the Traditional english’s tea break where we shared our feelings and dreams…

4 years later I have used several dreams diary, worked a lot to meet my shadow in dreams with the facilitation of Charlie Morley books and workshop in Spain, and especially this years started to lucid dream.
Last Sunday I get a quick ld where I started to fly but this time not like superman or matrix as I usually do but as a bird, my arm became wings and I was learning to fly rather awkwardly but so beautiful!

I am so happy to encounter this community, I found the price really affordable with different options for each one of our capacity, and so much content to learn and deepen our practice!
It will be a pleasure to connect with you guys,

Thank you and I send you Much love



Welcome to the community! Flying as a bird sounds wonderful. I usually go the Superman route but maybe I should try a bird system just to experience it. Argentina is a beautiful country and I can imagine a flight over/through the mountains would be magical.


Thanks you Barry for your warm welcoming. Definitely a nice experience to fly like a bird!
Argentina is a wonderful country I am working in an eco center and school of permaculture in a tropical zone unfortunately really touch by deforestation but we are working on new way to cultivate the land and inspire the local community


Sounds like a great place to be practicing Dream Yoga, within a lush environment. Years ago, I used to live in Mendoza, out west, industrialized, yet still agricultural.


Good morning Barry,

Argentina is lovely and really welcoming country isn’t it?
I found the fact to be in a natural environment really supporting to my circadian riddim but I don’t always and quite rarely dream about my surroundings here :thinking:

One question I would like to ask you Barry, I have seen you are already in the Night club for a while, could you share your favourite fonctionality your are using within the group that’s work best for you ?


It is a good morning! I started Dream Yoga practices in the Spring of 2018 with a class online from Tricycle, then another with Andrew. Didn’t lucid dream for five months. I try to have some Dharma practice every day and take Dharma classes three days week and Tai-Chi twice a week. I find the daytime practices, as Andrew Holececk advises, vital for getting lucid at night. I’m 73, with insomnia troubles. Using galantamine seeds my lucid dreaming along with all the other techniques I practice along including illusory form.

Two nights ago I was able to actually transition from the liminal state right into a lucid dream for the first time! It was a wow experience. With an average of one lucid dream a month I think I have a long wait to repeat that one. However, I’m in it for the long haul and believe the daytime work is just as important as the nighttime, and almost as fun.


Wahou thank you for you enthusiastic morning sharing Barry :slightly_smiling_face:

I would love to experience entering from the liminal state (that what we call as well hipnagogic?) straight away into lucid dreaming.
More daytime practice so will be my new work, I am happy to find Andrew books free copy to introduce meditation technic as support to the daytime practice.

Will be a pleasure to share and listen about our week’s dreams next Saturday on the dream sharing group

Lovingly Barry


Welcome Yann! What cool work you are doing in Argentina, both for the environment and in reconnecting with your dreams :slight_smile: