Hello from quarantine

Kia ora

I am Joanna and in a two week quarantine in a Hong Kong hotel. An interesting time to explore lucid dreaming. I am fascinated by liminality, the in-between, the potentia.

I have vivid dreams. Recently I dreamt that I was driving down a hill to a coastal road in a convertible car. Blue sky, blue sea, white waves. As I came close to the coast I pulled in on the side of the road. Perhaps I was in Greece, as a Greek statue leaned in to speak to me. She gave me a message which I took with me on my journey. I can’t remember the message, but am sure my dream body knows. :blush:

It’s great to be here.


Hi Joanna, welcome to Night Club! If you are fascinated by liminality (me too!) I highly recommend the work of Jennifer Dumpert, who was interviewed on Night Club a while back.

Jennifer has a great book called LIMINAL DREAMING: Exploring Consciousness at the Edge of Sleep

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