Hello from the bay area!

Hello everyone :pray:

My name is Gregory Ray, I’m living in the bay area in a small city, Concord, about 20 minutes from Berkeley.

I’ve been TM practitioner for the last 2 years which has really opened many doors for me both inwards and outwards.

I’m new to dream yoga, had my first WILD last night in which I was able to without effort create a symphonic movement without any effort just by thinking it which was an amazing experience given I know nothing about creating music.

I’ll share with you the strangest dream I ever had:
When I was around 13 I was awaiting for a new snowboard to arrive in the mail and was excited about this more than anything else that was going on in my life at that time. I had a dream a night before it arrived of myself unwrapping the snowboard and it was the wrong snowboard, I remember the exact design on it. The next day the UPS driver arrived and I opened the snowboard and it was the one in my dream. I did not tell anybody about this as it was too weird and I knew people would not believe me. Later in life I wrote it off as a ‘false memory’ but now I am a bit more open minded.

Looking forward to participating and learning more from the community and looking for teachers to help me on my path.

Thank you :pray:


Glad to see you here. We have a dream sharing group that meets on Sundays (11AM MT) and you might enjoy signing on and share/listen to dreams and perhaps pick up some dream techniques.

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Thank you @_Barry , when I click on that link I get the error " Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.".

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Yeah, the web page is being reconstructed but the zoom link will work on Sunday.

Delayed welcome from me Gregory, glad you found your way to NC. WILDs are the best, good for you. Let us know how we can help you here at NC.