Hello! I'm Marta from Barcelona!

Hi everyone!

I’m Marta and I am a musician and a dream therapist. I found in Andrew H. a source of knowledge and I already read his book Dreams of light. Only by reading it I increased the interest of my dreaming life! I could for example meditate in a LD with a preparing for death intention.

Greetings for Andrew, my friend Roger of Barcelona and all the community!



Welcome! This is a great place to discuss dreams, lucid dreams and dream therapy Marta. Can you describe your experiences with LD and how you use them in Dream Therapy?


Welcome Marta, so nice to have a musician and dream therapist join us – do you work from a Jungian perspective, or?


We are so glad to have you here Marta!

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Bienvenda Marta,

I am an American living in Ibiza and my brother in law lives in Barcelona. I lived in Boulder for 30 years which turned me on to everything Trungpa, Reggie Ray, Richard Freeman, Mingyur and now Andrew is “teaching like his hair is on fire”.

I have read Dream Yoga and I am currently doing the online reading and commentary via recordings. The same with Dreams of Light book. So much good information here to dive into to.

Maybe we can cross paths one day.

Dream On,



Dear Barry, I’ve had many interesting experiences with lucidity, and quite different between them. From pleasure (flying, sex) to ask questions (dilemmas, job, pregnancy, obstacles…), Feeling myself as energy (crossing walls and physical structures, moving myself to different places…), Encounter with dead or famous people, hugging my fears or thanks to Andrew, meditating the transition to death.

Thank you Andrew for your message! By the moment I only work as a musician, so I don’t have any dream clients. Here in Barcelona there’s one psychologist and dreamworker that gives a great education as a dream therapist (Jordi Borràs from www.mondesomnis.com), and it’s what I 've done. It’s the only one in Spain. Have you heard about him? You should meet! Anyway, I found Carl Jung extremely interesting, and sometimes hard to understand.
I have worked more with dreams as a creative tool to write or to design concerts.
Warm regards from the other side of the planet!

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Thank you very much aalvarado!!! :wink:

Dear Bradon! I had never heard about these spiritual people, also about Boulder, I didn’t even know it was a place now I’ve looked via Google and it looks precious! Also seems you’ve done a long journey. As you say maybe we cross our paths!

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