Hello night club ◡̈

Hi I found this community through following a YouTube comment breadcrumb trail, started with rainbow bodies, ended up here. Hope to make some friends and share memes and get some inspiration.

One of my favorite dreams I was being chased by zombies and ended up dying… they ripped me apart, I was reborn in a cloud god kingdom and all the gods were sewing me back together.

Anyways fun stuff and glad to be here :revolving_hearts:


Welcome to NC andromeda! My journey to this place also began on YouTube. Glad you made your way here.

That bunny looks so cute it would be a shame to NOM it. But it looks so nommable :sweat_smile:

Wow pretty cool. And intense. Do you think it means anything? Why is this dream your favorite?

Ye dreams are super fun! Welcome again. There are some very supportive people here, so if you are looking to get inspiration for your dream life and practice, you are in the right place.


Sounds like it may have been an ego death dream. Really awesome! Samsara has a nasty habit of ripping people to shreds…

Welcome to the club!

@andromeda Love the name, the discovery of this galaxy shattered some colossal paradigms regarding the size of the universe.

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Welcome @andromeda !

This is an interview Andrew did discussing some aspects of rainbow body.


Fascinating topic, lots of depth to it. The white shroud is one I’ve also found interesting while exploring the rainbow body.

What video got you to meander over to these parts? I enjoy content on rainbow body, if you have any videos you’d be willing to share, feel free🙂.

Could even be a good seperate topic/post :star_struck:.

Another discovery about Andromeda that is fairly significant:

Interesting depiction of the future night sky:

With a new black hole approaching the milky way, I’d imagine gravitational forces on the Earth are going to become out of balance.

2 nights ago I had a dream about zombies:

I climbed up a ladder to the top of a building to avoid the zombie crown, the ladder was shakey and coming loose from the building. A woman I work with who has a strong NY accent, walked up to me at the top of the building and was try to convince me to go back down the ladder for some reason. I told her “if you want to go down the ladder, by all means, be my guest, theres no way in hell im going”

Lol. I was trying to figure out the meaning behind this dream, but couldnt. After reading your post I had the insight that I did not run towards my fear in this dream, and had I listened to her and done this, it may have triggered lucidity. Better luck next time :upside_down_face:

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