Hello from New Orleans

Hello Everyone, my name is Amalie and I am currently taking The Understanding the Tibetan Book of the Dead Course with Andrew through Embodied Philosophy. I have recently joined a few other communities around spirituality, and I’m feeling called to continue this pursuit of joining community. I am still learning to navigate this site and not sure how much I will be able to devote, but I am excited to have this resource and explore sleep and dream yoga, lucid dreaming, and get insight from other people’s experiences on this path.


Great to have you join us. Some of the best resources on the site are Andrew’s dialogues with luminaries in Lucid Dreaming/Dream Yoga, Spirituality, science and other fields of interest for members. They can be found here.


Hey @amalieweil welcome to the Club!

Be sure to check out the #virtual-hangouts on Thursdays at 1pm MT on Zoom (https://nightclub.andrewholecek.com/virtual-hangouts/). It’s a great way to connect live with @Andrew and other members of the Night Club Community.