Hi from Sonoma

Hello Everyone, I am brand new here. Currently I live in Sonoma (during pandemic) but I actually live in Boudhanath, Nepal… waiting to return. I am a long time Buddhist and have written a book on dreams (visions of the divine). Looking forward to joining the community. :pray:


Welcome to the community! No better place to live than Boudha for Dharma and culture. Looking forward to learning more about your book and activities. Have you attended any of Andrew’s webinars? There is one on Thursday afternoon where you can be online with community members and interact with Andrew in a weekly hangout.

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Welcome from Sonoma – I have lots of friends out there. Tell us a bit about your book, we’d love to support you. Don’t be shy to include a link to it. I still have an apt in Boudha, behind the White Monastery. Love it there. Used to work at the Shechen Clinic. Andrew


Hi Andrew,

I have recently come to know about your books and talks on lucid dreaming. Did some research, wow they’re fascinating. I haven’t read your books yet, but I’ve listened to your podcasts with Bob Thurman.
Shechen clinic? wow Shechen is very close to my heart. Rabjam Rinpoche is very close to my family, and I’ve also had a few dental check ups at Shechen clinic, only if back then I would have met you, my dad would have loved to meet you too and talk to you. My brother Tashi Dorjee used to be a monk there. He was everyone’s favorite there and very close to Rinpoche La. He was a monk there for almost 30-35 years of his life.
So glad I came to know you through Bob Thurmans podcast!


Andrew was asking about your book.
Did you really wrote a book?
PS: I’m interested as well

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Hi Barry, Yes, I agree. Boudha is the best place to live… it is the Vajrayana hub. It has been over a year (due to the pandemic) since I have been back in Nepal and miss it so much! I haven’t attended any of Andrew’s webinars yet but have begin a course of his and find him to be very knowledgeable and dynamic. I am lucky to have discovered him. I will try to hang out on Thursday to meet community members. My book is “Guardians of the Gate, An Investigation of Numinous Presence, ‘Visions of the Divine’ in Dreams.” It is a version of my Ph.D. dissertation (California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco).

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Dear Andrew, Thank you for this forum!
Wonderful you have an apartment in Boudha! I hope someday we can meet for coffee at Himalayan Java! I know the White Monastery and Shechen well, including Shechen Clinic. I live in Dharatole, 5 minutes from the stupa. For years, I have been providing therapy/mentoring for Western students and teachers at RYI. I also offer private tours occasionally. Here is my website for more on me. Yana’s website

Book description and a link (thank you!)

Experiences of the numinous ‘visions of the divine’ in dreams offer glimpses into a vast well of teachings available to us beyond the boundaries of our waking consciousness. In this investigation, numena are understood as harbingers that awaken deep ways of knowing and perceiving; they enliven and inspire appreciation for the sublime wonders and textures of life. This work represents one woman’s account of her dreams drawn from over ten years of journal entries. The numena for discussion include: the “Spirit of Sound”, the “Mother”, and the “Skywoman”. These mythologems are examined through the portals of Clarity dreams, Personal Mythology dreams and Initiation dreams. The author’s objective is not to present an interpretation of the dreams but to examine the mytho- religious symbolic content and mystical qualities of the dream experience in order to understand them as guiding forces for furthering spiritual development and human potential. This book is a rare account of primary research on this topic and will appeal to those interested in dreamwork, spirituality, women’s studies, psychology, shamanism and consciousness studies.

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Greetings! Thanks for asking.
Here is a link: "Guardians of the Gate" by Ya na Castle, PhD

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Left Nepal in December 2019 after a couple of months of pilgrimage and prayer—and a retreat with Choki Niyma Rinpoche at the White Gompa. We always stay with family at Gokarneshwar, also a few minutes from the Stupa. Ever eat at The Garden Kitchen? My niece owns the place.

Looking good! Much success!

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Namaste Barry, Sounds like you were there during the best part of the year when the weather is best and one can see the mountains (sometimes). I know the White Gompa well. Sure, I love The Garden Kitchen. I used to live right across the road from it. They finally got a nice new kitchen in the building next door.

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Thank you! I appreciate it. :grinning: :pray:

When I first went to Nepal “across the road,” that road, was just a large open field of rice paddies. One year I took slides of the fallow land, the rice planting underwater, and a while later, the rice harvest. You check this site recently?