Hi, I’m Thinlay from Nepal

Hello everyone,
Tashi delek,

My name is Thinlay ghale. I’m originally from Kathmandu, Nepal currently residing in queens, Newyork. I come from a Buddhist family. My father retired during his 40’s so that he could dedicate his whole life on practicing mediation, going to retreats and spending the rest of his life as a Buddhist follower. After coming to Newyork, I have been listening to a lot of podcasts and I happened to listen to Bob Thurmans podcast one day.Ever since I’ve been watching his videos, and listening to his dharma talks.
One day I was listening to a podcast where Andrew and Bob were discussing on lucid dreaming and I got very much interested in what Andrew had to say. I’ve been following him on Twitter since and I saw his tweet about night club and that is how I got here.


Tashi delek, welcome to the NightClub. Great to “see you.” There are many resources about lucid dreaming and Dream Yoga at the NightClub. Andrew has a couple of courses about Dream Yoga if you are interested. Depending upon your membership (free or paid) there are weekly events such as Meditation Instruction (Monday), Book Study (Tuesday), Virtual Hangout (Free-Thursdays), Movies (Saturday) among others. I’ve been to Kathmandu. I’ve also been to Queens where I know there is a large and vibrant Nepali community. Have you been to the Rubin Museum in Manhattan? It has many excellent Tibetan and Nepali artifacts and is a nice place to visit, even in these pandemic times. Looking forward to hearing more about your father.


Hi _Barry,
Thank you for the information, and great to see your response back.
I missed Monday and Tuesdays events for this week but looking forward to Thursday and Saturdays event and other weekly events.
Glad to know you’ve visited Kathmandu. I think you’re talking about Jackson Heights in Queens. While I visit Jackson heights, I feel like I am in Nepal and not at NewYork.
Rubin Museum yes!!! I’ve visited Rubin Museum thrice so far. I recently subscribed to their weekly Spiral newsletter, and they deliver it once a month I guess, I’ve got 2 so far. I also keep up with their programs and try to participate like the recent one they had for Lunar New Year on February. Tomorrow Rubin Museum has an event for the movie screening of "Looking for a lady with fangs on mustache " directed by Khyentse Norbu Rinpoche. Excited for that one as well and to be a part of this community.
My father’s name is Nyida Palber Ghale. My family is very close to Shechen monastery and Rabjam Rinpoche. My elder brother who used to be a monk at Shechen monastery was also very close to Dilgo Khyenste Rinpoche, Matthew Richard, and used to travel to France and different countries to perform Cham (the sacred lama dance).
My great great grandparents come from Tibet and settled into the Himalayan areas of Nepal (Manang). My great grandfathers come from a lineage of lama’s. My grandfather was also Nyingma lama of Manang. All his life, he was a simple farmer and a Buddhist practitioner. My grandfather had a teacher for my father and uncle to read and write Tibetan. That is how he became introduced to buddhist reading writing and practice. Father lives in Kathmandu now, but time and again he goes to Manang for Ngondro retreats 6-9 months a year. Now he is 71 years old and he is even more dedicated than ever before.
and that is a little background story…


Another place of interest in Manhattan is the Nicholas Roerich Museum on the upper east side. Roerich did numerous paintings of mountains. people and Dharma during trips to Nepal, Tibet, India, Mongolia and China in the 1920s. They are amongst the most spiritual I’ve ever seen.


Hi @Tghale16,

Tashi delek! Welcome to Night Club. Glad you found us here :slight_smile: - I’m originally from NY myself, born and raised in that area, and now I live in Colorado, Boulder. My wife and I have been to Nepal a few times :heart:

Hope you enjoy your time here in the Night Club - there’s a lot to explore and some really wonderful people to connect with!

Looking forward to seeing you at some live events - #virtual-hangouts on Thursdays at 4pm ET are super fun way to connect with @Andrew and hear from other members of the Club.

If you have any questions - don’t hesitate to reach out :wink:



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thank you for the recommendation. will def check it out.

Hi Andy,
Thank you. So good to know lots of people in the night club community who’ve visited Nepal. Makes me feel very happy.
Looking forward to see you too!


Delayed welcome from me Thinlay, I love KTM, spent well over a year there, and still have an apt in Boudha that is part of our charity foundation. Let us know how we can help you here at NC.

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