Higher Self Simulation (Lucid Dream Share)

The dream continues before and after this part… I’m sharing the most interesting bit for the sake of (somewhat) brevity.

Higher Self Simulation

  • January 20, 2019 - 6:36 AM
  • WILD (+ 8MG Galantamine)
  • WBTB, 21 Breathes + Throat Lotus Visualization
  • Lucid Goal (set before bed): Speak to “My Higher Self”

… I’m back in the strange room and I recall my waking goal of speaking with my higher self and am excited to remember. I ask the dream, “Show me my higher self!”

A cyan-colored membrane-like wall with a darker blue, digital-looking pattern (like wallpaper) appears before more. The membrane is slightly pulsing and moving as if alive. Yes!!! I’m elated. I instinctively know that I must pass through the membrane and I easily walk through it.

To my surprise, once on the other side, the environment looks a like a computer generated simulation. It’s a completely black void with long rows of digital mesh or grid-like layers. The fine lines of the grid are illuminated in red and blue light. There is space and a surface between the mesh layers where I appear to be standing. I wonder what this place is and why this would be my higher self.

As I ponder this thought, a blue digital simulated figure appears in the distance. I call out to it, though not with words. I run toward it hoping to ask it questions. The figure appears to see me coming toward it and it runs sway, deep into between the mesh layers before ultimately disappearing.

For a moment longer, I stand in the black digital void with red and blue light and wonder what to do next. A part of me is really amazed and another part of me is unsatisfied at what I take to be an “unresolved” moment with my higher self.

The scene shifts and I am floating again in a dark world, but no longer inside the simulation…


  • At the time I had been binging on Elon Musk videos about being in a simulation
  • I had also been exploring topics of Quantum Physics
  • At first I was a little disappointed by the dream, but also thought it was incredible
  • I’d like to go back here and learn more about what this place means to me

// Allison //

That’s amazing. Thank you for sharing it here. I’m in a sangha online called Dharmachanics and every Thursday we have a group that meets to discuss a different reading or video. A couple of weeks ago we discussed this BATGAP interview with Tom Campbell. You might be interested in him because he talks about the world as being a virtual reality. :blush: :heart:



That’s a great dream. If it was my dream it would seem to me that maybe my higher self is communicating “follow me!” I like the VR theme. :smile:


@JennyJohannesson Yes! I will absolutely check it out. I’m fascinated by these topics, thanks for the pro-tip!

@ArthurG Thank you! I did love this dream, it’s been sticking with me for a while. I intend to invoke it again and follow the figure further into this Digital Wonderland :upside_down_face:


Tom Campbell’s material is excellent and extensive. He has hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of video lectures, interviews and chats on YouTube. In addition, everything is free! He even puts the entirety of his workshops on YouTube. Highly recommend. He even has trance induction techniques that he developed with Bob Monroe from the start of TMI.