His Holiness Dalai Lama Dream Activity

In the very moving new film by Rosemary Rawcliffe, “The Great 14th” (https://thegreat14th.com/), the very first thing His Holiness says: “In dream, almost I never feel I am Dalai Lama, only a Buddhist monk.” He goes on to reveal, “In dreamtime also, quite often, I’ll meet a large number of people and explain certain Buddhist concepts like altruism. Like emptiness. Quite often that happens.”

I’m new to this community, hello! I just had to share that, it’s inspiring me so much. :bouquet::sun_with_face:


One of the reasons I started reading Andrew’s book was to see if it was possible to get teachings while in the dream state. Maybe I will ring up ole’ Tenzin one of these nights and see if he can give me a pointer or two. Thanks for the info.


That’s awesome! High five! I had the same thought, if HHDL is giving teachings in the dreamstate, i want to be one of his recipients. But yes, i have met people who have gotten not only teachings but empowerments in the dreamstate. :sparkles:


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