How to practice shamatha gen lamrimpa and b Alan Wallace

In this book on page 361 they speak of attaining a high level of clarity In shamatha so much so that the generic object of meditation becomes the real thing they give the example of the earth… if this is true we could potentially prove this fact by meditating on a star or planet a few light years away and if we could see that the object is no longer there such as the planet had exploded or the star turned into a black hole the meditator, observer would know for a fact that had happened however many light years away the event took place in essence essentially (seeing or sensing) telepathically before our current technology would ever know. I’m curious has anybody ever considered doing an experiment of this complexity or even anything similar at all? @AndyK @Andrew I strongly believe this to be true and factual because this would explain how the ancient Egyptians knew of binary star systems 3200 years ago… before their current technology could ever discover such a thing.