“I was transported” — music legend John McLaughlin on the inspiration of “Mila Repa”

From the article:

I have read the biographies and books on a number of spiritual masters, and they all inspired me, but reading the life of Mila was in another dimension. Perhaps the fact that he was so human in his early life, and committed so many bad deeds, I was able to identify with him. Not that I have committed any crimes, but that because of Mila, I was able to see my own dark side. I could perceive my own ignorance and indifference to the suffering of humanity. In addition, being a musician, we are susceptible to vanity and the curse of indulging in self importance. All of these elements conspire to hide the ineffable reality that is our true birthright.


I love how his musical gurus range from Miles Davis to Milarepa.

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This is an excellent film of Milarepa’s early life: Milarepa - The story of Milarepa (EN Subs) - YouTube

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Still waiting for the promised Part 2!