Illusory Mind Practice Trigger - Strong Negative Mind States

Like many, I’m not a fan of our current president. His domination of the media often triggers aversion, perhaps the most noticeable of the “three positions.” Such negative mind states, enmeshed in (greed,) hatred and delusion, might be considered the daytime equivalent of being non-lucid. At such times, you could say “I’m dreaming” with strong conviction (and perhaps another level of meaning, e.g. I can’t believe this is happening). When we are fortunate enough to become aware (mindful, lucid) of strong negative mind states might not this be an excellent illusory mind practice trigger?

Alternatively, seeing or hearing such media coverage might make better illusory body and speech practice triggers, because they don’t depend on realizing you’ve been triggered.


Sounds like a great protocol, so long as we don’t forget our responsibility to help other beings, the world etc. I’m not saying you’re doing this, but I’ve known others to follow “the illusory nature of things” all the way into “nothing matters” or “no matter how awful things seem to be, it’s all ultimately dreamstuff and therefore A-OK!”