Infection - CDC and sleep

“I don’t sleep - I sweat.”


I was in a cold, moldy basement and get cold easily, so I fall asleep in a ball. This isn’t hormone night sweats, this is sick night sweats. I have no clue why I took the photo as it happens every night, and every nap. Skin is the largest excretory organ we have.

For the record, I’ve been to Infectious Disease @ Denver Health with a huge binder of labs. One test was for Lyme. I didn’t fit the CDC’s rule of “5 bands.” But I tested positive IgMs on the first test, which automatically kicks off a second test where they look at these “bands.”

P41 high IgM, no IgG. The CDC is saying P41 high IgM means we’re immune to Lyme. Oh my… :zipper_mouth_face: Politics and funding.

My immunologist treated me for Lyme (docycycline) and we later repeated the test. All in range to where the 2nd test was NOT kicked off. (if that makes sense)

So I WAS positive for Lyme, or something.

LabCorp has a genetic test to show if one is susceptible to mold, lyme, mobile bacteria, etc. I had that done and my results were “multi-susceptible.”

To what? No one knows yet. Lots of flora and fauna. Of the worst combinations, I’m lucky #2. My theory is the immune system can’t see these buggies and so can’t switch from IgM to IgG. The innate immune response is broken in these multi-susceptible areas.

2 gut bugs
m.pneumonea (mmmmmm-mycoplasma!)

Also - buggies in the system can cause bruxing, I read somewhere. I had bigger fish to fry so didn’t save the reference.

This is our current “band-aid”:

So if I’m constantly trying to detox in sleep, am I really sleeping?

Just hypothetical questions/ideas.

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