Methylation - a big map

This is just one PhD’s model, and all new things refine and change over time. Dr. Amy Yasko just happens to be the first one to put it in a pretty picture.

If MTHFR or COMT mean something to you, have a peek.

For Parkinson’s, the “MAO B” gene is an unknown but key player as it seems to make or break dopamine.

First one includes Kreb’s cycle with less detail.
CFS: yes, it’s real.

The second is a series of pages that shows where nutrition can be used as a ‘back door’ and/or where the cycle cascade breakdown begins. Also where heavy metals can block/act-as-if a gene variant.

I had to take my health into my own hands and have no clue what I’m doing, to be honest. But it’s more than any doctor has helped, to date.

One can insert supplements and/or psychedelics wherever and guess how you might react (if you have your genome mapped out).
The usual warnings apply; use your brain; etc.


I have no idea what you’re taking about here but I’m impressed that you do.

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Me 'neither! I’m fully unqualified but on my own. I do know I have that MTHFR thingey. Methylation - lack of this on nerves causes MS. To show the importance.

Here, lack of methylation in the metabolic cycle causes a breakdown of related cycles, as each cycle ‘robs’ other cycles for methyl donors.

And it’s quite possibly behind CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME.
So I put this under the “sleep medicine” category.

— the following is bla bla bla about it —

Much like Acetylcholine and just Choline. The mad chemist running the human body. Magic, truly!

My hunch is this MTHFR/COMT thingey (there are a few genes involved, down to ones that process VitaminD - or not) is somehow related to acetylcholine and neuro-issues. I’m ready to be proven wrong as well! (more info the better, this is just one person’s ‘hack’)

The biggie is Folate (B9). Can’t be processed due to genetic mutation. And it’s extremely common! Thought to be a root of many “age-related diseases”.

Which brings up in my mind “epigenetics.” These genes turned on/deleted/mis-coded through the negative epigenetic process. The “internal environment” is out of balance and so genes tightly bound become exposed in attempt to balance this internal imbalance.

Hemo-oncologist I worked with - another good doctor if anyone is in the Golden, CO area - is passionate and proved how using genes + various blood cancer ‘medicines’ (chemo - is that really a medicine?), along w/ supplementation (he LOVES tumeric+black pepper extract + cardio exercise at the level of ‘effort’ but not ‘pushing past that happy medium’) - has shown to cause positive epigenetics. To turn off the disease expressing genes. Beyond theory, but in his patients. He has a large gong at the check-in/out area - when patients go into remission, they bang that gong!


(I hold out that incorrect food prep is also key, along w/ mind/stress. ALL grains, nuts, and legumes are covered with enzyme inhibitors - that’s their evolutionary protection. However enzymes are the activity of life - produced by the pancreas, stomach, mouth, liver, etc etc. When those enzyme producers are super-taxed by commercial food that does not sprout or ferment these enyme-inhibitors off - which ironically releases the innate nutrition of the nut/grain/legume - the organs start to crap out and food hits the lower GI in a mal-digested state. The gut is the 2nd brain, and gut flora/fauna become horribly imbalanced. It triggers all sorts of immune activation in attempt to re-establish balance. Hence, more age-related disease and more “It’s all in your head” medical dismissal of true symptom complaints)

(sorry, the above is a little passion project of mine)

So using this, for me, I need to supplement with a methylated form of folate.

Also, through the above, one can find the best form of B12 for their genetic expression. I was doing B-12 shots as part of differential diagnosis - cobalamin. Didn’t do anything but remind me of the movie “Pulp Fiction” - “it says go down with a stabbing motion, like this…” when the wife OD’d. :wink:

Think if your body has only so many “methyl donors” and the usable form of many vitamins once in the body are the methyl-format.

Supplements use “cyanocobalamin” - yep, cyan-ide is an offshoot. So peel off the ‘cyano’ and add a ‘methyl’ via liver processing, and now it’s usable to most human bodies. What happens to that ‘cyano’? I don’t know.

Supplementation with methylcobalamin is gaining traction in supplements (methyl-b12).

Because I have so many genes impacted and needing methyl donors (I presume), I need to take adenocobalamin or hydroxycobalamin - methylcobalamin is not the preferred form for me.

So it gets complex.

And before L-Methyl-Folate (b9) supplementation even becomes useful, a whole slew of other factors need to be in place to support the use of methylfolate.

Hence: fistfulls of supplements.

AND - this is a symptom approach through vitamins.

My Amazing Immuno kinda dismisses this, just said “Phosphatidylserine won’t help.” My Serine system is broke (hence lung disease expression which relies on Serine to create an enzyme in the liver - so you see how the cascade can wreak havoc!). The reason why: I have a some phospholipid auto-immunes.

How he knew to test for those - no clue. I think because he sees trends in his patients, he’s a researcher at heart, and his Pet Project is neuro-immune. He tested for a bunch of other stuff that showed up positive, totally unrelated as far as a typical “family physician” would know. (so I changed my PCP to his office once he got one!) And so-called “Ménière’s disease” is tested by ‘heat stress tingeys’, another auto-immune. But now it’s realized to be a key marker in neuro-immune (among the immune circles, not the family doctor circles).

Ok, enough gushing over my doc! :purple_heart:

My intent in sharing this - we have 1 or more members of the Sleep Academy organization

(the name escapes me at the moment and I was all over their website last night!)

Chronic Fatigue - CFS - is somewhat a “sleep disorder” in that one is never rested regardless the duration of sleep.

It could be used as input into sleep type research, and possibly link to other sleep disorders.

A stretch? Probably. But I think big. (hence all these details have taken me YEARS to parse out, and I still don’t understand most!)

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This is epicgentics. Popular among Europeans. Has to do with protein metabolism. You’re either over or Under methylating. Under methylation means not breaking all proteins down. Shows up as high homocysteine. Talk to your doctor if you have history of heart disease. I have to take b vitamins to compensate. Ones that are Pre-methylated.


Beautiful! Nice quick summary!

Mine was also environmental toxin related. Mold (hence my name, hehe). Not even black mold. Just basic rotting wood that’s everywhere. I have rockstar genes in that category too :roll_eyes:

I have talked to my doc, he has a couple favorate supplements and a mix he created. They’re all $65 and up. So I make a huge project out of finding the ingredients at much more affordable prices (very limited income). Doc is still looking into the root as it’s progressed into immune-related disability. The vitamins etc do make the ‘yuck’ feeling symptoms better though!

S-Acetyl-Glutathione seems to be the most important! Love me some glutathione!

(biting tongue on the mitochondria-DNA communication elaboration LOL!)


It’s amazing how complex we are. Glad you have a doctor to work with! Makes all the difference to have that guidance and of course , mold is part of that - Caprylic acid, grape seed extract , and some food enzymes helped me. My doc initially prescribed an Anti-fungal. Had to be careful with carbs and sugars. Hope you are experiencing good results. Also, getting the stress down helped to mitigate digestive issues! Take good care!

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