Sleep aids?

Hello there,
I’m glad to be here. Love Andrew’s books on dying and dreaming and looking forward to taking part in the book club for the new daytime dreaming book this Fall.

Have a question re sleep aids. Am a deep dreamer, but my sleep is declining terribly due to hormones, a busy, brain-work, on-screen job, and a bit too much affection for coffee and tea. After three nights of almost no sleep, I’m venturing into sleep aid territory, a first in life. Am very sensitive to chemicals.

This is a natural mix:
ATLANOVA Liposomal Sleep Aid Natural Spray – Liquid Melatonin For Sleep Supplement + GABA + Glutathione –

Wonder if anyone knows of if these chemicals impede dreams? Thank you!


Sometimes it’s hard to gauge whether or not these substances will or won’t mess up our REM cycles. I’ve used Gaba and Melatonin to get to sleep and have had dreams and some lucid dreams too. Don’t know about the other substance. I have chronic insomnia due to age and gravity but I’ve had success off and on with different things, no real sure thing go-to every night. Tonight I’m taking ZZZNyquil which worked okay last night.

Update: Used ZZZNyquil again last and still had very vivid dreams.


Dear gpsti: Regarding your post back in August '20 (8 months ago): Thank you for honestly sharing about your sleep challenges plus noting what you’re presently taking to offset these factors. Your concern/question about whether sleep aids interfere with dreaming, wow! that’s important to me because I have chronic insomnia–as do others in my family–.and yet, like you I steer away from chemical-based meds and over-the counter items.
I’m surprised (and disappointed) there’s been only one response to your posting, especially since you’re a brand new member ! (Thank you _Barry.)
As of minutes ago, I became an official (paying ) member. Maybe authentic answers are hidden, elsewhere, on this site. Let’s look together. -----------


Great to have you refocus on this issue. There are other threads on NC that address/have addressed this as well as a great new feature, The Sleep Doctor, Ed O’Malley, who does a monthly webinar addressing all things related to sleep. He excellent and I have seen him in person for my own sleep issues. Posts that might be of interest include some about Yoga Nidra here and here and Andrew’s interviews with Richard Miller and Jennifer Dumpert, amongst others.