Sleep Advice Please

Hi Everyone, hope you’re faring well amidst this.

I cannot get my sleep cycle regulated! Now, I have a bit of a spanner in the works – I am a recently diagnosed narcoleptic. Cyclically, I get into cycles where I conk out before 10, wake up at 4 (5 latest), pinch a 45 minute nap three hours later, then try to resist as best I can during the day. It’s not so bad right now that I don’t have to conform to anyone’s schedule, but it’s not good overall. I will admit that I drink a phenomenal amount of coffee. I can have 3 cups and an adderall (prescribed) and go to sleep. I’d really rather be chewing on a poodle dog bush or some ayurvedic thing, but my sleep is like a record that’s warped and skips songs!
Peace & love


Don’t know that I have much to offer here, but I will say that I pulled caffeine completely out of my diet when I got serious about lucid dreaming/dream yoga.

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Definitely got to get out of the stimulate-crash cycle.

Have you seen a “sleep doctor?” When I reached a decision point for insomnia I went to a cardiologist/sleep doctor who prescribed silenor and gave me sleep homework. Helped at the time.