Q+A w/Andrew |#71| December 30th, 2021

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These are the questions that seeded our Q and A for this session:

How to maintain a sense of humor when inside feeling the ‘horror’ (heart of darkness)?

Can you please say more about the ‘pulsations and vibrations’ you mentioned before?

Are you familiar with James Nestor and his book BREATHE? I noticed that you are in his lengthy bibliography, so am wondering if you know James and/or his book. I found his explanation of nose-breathing and vasopressin very helpful and have been taping my mouth shut at night for 3 weeks. What a difference! Less trips to the bathroom and better hydration, just like he says. 2. Have you tried taping your mouth at night or any of James Nestor’s other suggestions for while jogging or cycling?

Last night I had an experience I have never had before and I am trying to figure out where it fits in nocturnal experiences. I woke up about 3 a.m. feeling very peaceful and feeling like my mind and body were in harmony. My thoughts were “I wonder if I am dead?” if not “what is this state?”. I continued to remain completely peaceful and unattached (not wanting to change anything) and curious what the state was. Maybe like a scientist just observing my state. I drifted in and out of sleep with those thoughts each time I became conscious. This continued for almost 3 hours until I got up for the day. I was aware I was in bed all of the time. Not sure what to make of that and how to label it. What did I experience?

I am interested in learning Sleep Yoga. As you mentioned, sleep is 1/3 of our lives and it is so important to harness that time. Now, I am 74 years old. Aside from Lucid Dreaming and Dream Yoga, do you also teach Sleep Yoga? Please let me know if I will need a transmission or empowerment and the course fee . I have done Ngondro in the past, several Nyungne. Thank you for kindness in teaching bardo.

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Thanks for posting so soon. Missed the time, thought it was later. Hope everyone in Colorado is safe!

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