Jennifer Dumpert - Hypnagogic and Hypnopompic States

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All Aboard The Dream Train

Date published:
Dec 8, 2019

Video Description:
Welcome and thank you for listening to All Aboard The Dream Train. A dream storytelling podcast where people from all walks of life walk us through their dreams and how those dreams have affected them in their waking life.

6:00 Jennifer enjoys adding sound and scent to aid her sleep.

7:22 dream pillow burkmonsia flowers - datura don’t eat it! Night blooming flowing and tie it to you bedpost.

8:00 essential oils near year bed.

8:18 has always been a night owl. Jennifer says it seems to be inherited but it can be shifted. Her family has always been night owls

9:25 the reason you are not remembering your dream could just been your circadian rhythm

13:00 Feels most creative between sun down and 2am

13:50 Office and being near the ocean are her favorite and most comfortable places where her creative mind is working best. Her favorite is the Pacific Northwest anywhere where waves are hitting the rocks.

14:40 no dream journal! tweets a dream everyday @onerofer

15:35 She learned how to record her hypnogogic dreams

16:10 Has also taught herself to type her experiences in hypnogogia one a keyboard while it’s happening.

18:20 Tends to sleep 8 or 9 hours

19:45 favorite sleeping position and using those positions for dream recall - curled on either side with legs curled up or completely on her back with hands on her side or hands over her head, full abandon.

23:30 Jenniffers description of her book Liminal Dreaming. The different stages of sleep and liminal states

27:00 Jennifer recites a recording of what she experienced while in hypnagogia

33:40 Which books or other materials are you consuming at the moment?

35:20 Is there anything that you fear in the dream world? If so what is it?

37:40 If you were to spend 24 hours in the dream state with anyone of your choice who would it be and what would you do?


Very interesting interview. Not sure of the date. I really liked her book and hope to use it more. Nice replay of one of her hypnogogic dreams. Who else does that? Very illustrative.


Hi @_Barry, I added the date the video was published to YouTube for your reference. It was posted on Dec 8, 2019.